August 26 Message from Mayor regarding Storm Preparation

August 25, 2020


To the citizens of Opelousas,

The City, along with local law enforcement and first responders, are mobilizing crews and equipment
to respond to any need that may arise as a result of Hurricane Laura. We highly encourage residents
to prepare for heavy rains, flooding, and strong winds. Forecasters are predicting late Wednesday
night early Thursday morning landfall but conditions are likely to be felt sooner than that.

-Local utility providers are out trimming limbs prior to the storm.

-City workers have been cleaning drains and removing debris from the streets. With strong winds in the
forecast, residents are also asked to ensure that all lightweight objects on property (grills, patio furniture, trash
cans, toys, etc.) are secured and/or brought indoors.

-Drivers should be alert on roads that are prone to flooding in and around the city. Should drivers encounter a
flooded street or intersection, they should turn around and not attempt to drive through it. If at all possible,
please stay off of roadways and streets.

-The latest update and indicator models are saying Laura could become a category 3 (Major)
hurricane. With this being said, it is likely we could lose power for several days depending on the
landfall of Hurricane Laura. Please take every precautionary measure needed for the safety of you
and your families. Residents should have a seven -day supply of food and water and any medicine

-Check on your family, friends, and neighbors to make sure they have the necessary items needed.
For emergencies related to streets and roadways, call 337-948-2555, Opelousas Police Department at 337-948-
2500 and the Opelousas Fire Dept. at 337-942-2601.

Stay safe,
Mayor Julius Alsandor

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