February 14 Message from Mayor Regarding Winter Conditions and Safety


February 14 Message from Mayor Regarding Winter Conditions and Safety 

(Opelousas, Louisiana) –  After considering all the elements related to the winter storm that the city will be confronting, as well as for the safety of all employees, business offices at City Hall and throughout the city will be closed on Monday, February 15. Only essential personnel in street, water and sewer departments, along with first responders (police and fire) scheduled to work, will be on duty. 

We kindly ask that ALL non-essential personnel and citizens remain off the roads or delay their travel for the next couple of days due to the hazardous winter conditions and frigid temperatures that our area will be experiencing. There is no safe way to travel on icy roads. We are asking for your cooperation to make our jobs easier.  This is so city and utility crews and first responders can handle their jobs in an  efficient and safe manner. 

As a reminder, should your pipes freeze at home, (1) the best course of action is to contact a plumber so the pipe can be safely thawed and any ruptures repaired immediately, (2) If your water pipes rupture and water is entering the house, use your private shutoff valve to turn off the water. If you do not have a private shutoff valve, or if you cannot find it, call the City Water Distribution office at 337-948-2555 for an emergency turn off at the meter. 

As a reminder, the city will also be closed Tuesday, February 16, for the scheduled Mardi Gras holiday. Again, stay safe Opelousas and please avoid traveling on streets and roadways.  We thank you in advance. Stay updated by following our facebook page @HistoricOpelousas or cityofopelousas.com

God bless all of us,

Mayor Alsandor