July 29th – Message from Mayor Alsandor regarding Covid


July 29, 2020

Hello Opelousas,

As many precautionary measures I have taken and continue to take especially being in the public, I took another COVID test today, the results were not what I wanted to hear.

Nevertheless, I did not have any defining symptoms except for a minor headache until last Monday night when my temperature went up along with a slight cough and body aches. Too many indicators that I felt I could not overlook, so I went to the doctor to first, verify my condition; secondly, for the safety of my wife and daughter and third, for my extended family downtown at city hall.  I received my results late last evening and started taking medication prescribed by my physician.

I am making this announcement public because it is important to understand that this virus does not discriminate nor does it have any friends. I practiced what I preached and still, I got infected.  Please be aware that there were no other indicators surfacing.  How, where, and whom I may have contracted this virus from is secondary if my actions today can prevent someone else from getting this virus.  My administrative team was informed and basic services at the city hall will continue to operate as normal.  I am self-isolating at home and my family is quarantined in separate living quarters.

I ask that citizens of Opelousas and surrounding communities please be careful, be smart, be safe, and take nothing for granted.  Doing enough in some cases is not enough.  If another step is needed to protect yourself from this virus, then make an effort to take another step to protect yourself and others.   I will fight through this virus and follow the advice of medical professionals.  I ask that we all continue to follow the guidelines and adhere to the mitigating measures recommended.  Throughout my quarantine, I plan to communicate primarily with emails and conference calls.  I wish the best for everyone’s health and send prayers to all impacted by this virus.  Now I know, how COVID-19 can hit home.


Mayor Julius Alsandor

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