Message from Mayor – July 3

Dear Opelousas citizens,  

On behalf of the City of Opelousas, our city council members along with myself, I send greetings while wishing everyone a safe and enjoyable July 4th weekend.

I would like to personally ask each of you, especially my young brothers and  sisters, to please adhere to the guidelines and measures set by the CDC and LA Dept. of Health which are conveyed daily by Governor John Bel Edwards through many media outlets. 

WE, and by saying that I mean all of US, are not immune to this deadly virus.  To think that you are is irresponsible on your part and puts your friends, neighbors and FAMILY at risk. 

When we began Phase Two, state leaders and health officials cautioned us to ‘not let our guards down.”  Sadly, it seems that this may very well have happened.  

I am urging our leaders, both civic and parental, please educate your children.  Stress the importance of practicing good hygiene rituals, washing your hands and for sake of our city, our health and community, ’Please Wear Masks’. 

Data and statistics support the science that masks are defense mechanisms-against the traveling unknown.  Anyone wearing a mask is protection for you while those not wearing masks leave you vulnerable. We can fight and beat this enemy, but we must fight together using a strong weapon, a mask.

Let’s not let down our guard against this terrible virus. Let’s stay safe, stay woke and work together to slow the spread.  We can do this Opelousas!

Mayor Alsandor