Good evening Citizens of Opelousas, 

I send greetings to all and wish each of you a blessed and safe weekend. I urge each citizen to continue to practice social distancing for neighbors, friends, yourself, and family. I also ask that you wear a mask, which studies and data show that wearing one does help to prevent transmission of COVID-19. On behalf of myself, my colleagues on the city council, and the city’s administration we truly wish you an enjoyable weekend. #StayWokeOpelousas

Let’s work together with our law enforcement to ensure our community stays together and prays together as a family should. Thanks to our Chief and officers of the Opelousas Police Department.

This public service message is to inform you of the following: Due to repair work being done on a major transmission line, Cleco customers can expect to be without power for approximately four hours beginning early Sunday morning.

Mayor Julius Alsandor