March 30-Message from Mayor Regarding COVID-19

Good Afternoon Citizens of Opelousas,

I truly hope all is well. As we enter another week where we continue to confront COVID-19, I ask each citizen to take personal responsibility and adhere to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) safety precautions and social distancing guidelines as well as Governor Edward’s shelter in place orders to reduce the spread of this virus. I also ask that you reman patient. This is a new struggle for all of us and we will face unknowns and challenging times ahead; however, we have to be smart and work together to get pass this deadly enemy.

I ask that you avoid all social gatherings. This includes parties, weddings, visiting friends, etc.) and discourage others to do likewise. This is the RIGHT thing to do at this time. We can defeat COVID-19, but our decisions on ‘HOW’ must be of one accord. We know what we must do, the question remains, why are we not doing the right thing?

Please work with your friends, colleagues, employers, and neighbors, while being personally responsible and respecting them at the same time. I truly pray that each of you continue to listen to our leaders in government, especially our medical professionals, and allow God to guide you with your decisions. May he bless us all during this challenging and ever-changing path we are all on.

Together We Can Get Better Tomorrow,

Mayor Julius Alsandor
City of Opelousas

March 30- Message from Mayor regarding COVID-19